Explore our gallery of modern custom designed homes

We never build the same home twice. As custom home designers, we pride ourselves in building homes clients love and offer a wide variety of designs to meet their needs. As you work with our team, we will help you explore the bedroom, bathroom and space needed to build a home you can enjoy for years to come.

Below is a gallery of homes to explore. There are photographs, layouts and virtual reality so you can immerse yourself in the design experience.

Ascot 221

Byfleet 300

Byfleet Custom

Byfleet Custom

Byfleet Custom

Byfleet Custom

Chelsea 242

Cheswick 268

Croydon 213

Every home is special.

And everyone has been lovingly altered to match the taste and design requirements necessary to transform a concept plan into a masterpiece. From materials, to fixtures, room placement, to staircases, every home we build is personalised to meet the needs, desires and lifestyle of the clients we work with.

And of course, we can work with your ideas too. Bring us your concept plans or even supply your architecturally designed drawings to our design team and we can turn your idea into a reality.
From start to finish, Vivid’s team will work with your idea and transform it into a home.