Vivid’s Newest Display Home Is Now In Hervey Bay

As you explore your dream of creating a custom new home, take some time to explore what’s possible in our display homes. Walking through our design will give you a panoramic view of the home, plus allow you to zoom in on the details that truly matter to you.
As you visit the rooms, take notes of what feels right to you.

Do you love the windows or ceiling height? Do you love it but think the rooms would “work better” in a different configuration? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you really need? Take notes of your reaction so you can hone in on what truly matters to you in your new home.

Then stop by our display homes to really get a feel for what it would be like to live in this dream space. All of these little pieces of homework will give you the details you need to approach Vivid for a new home build of your own. And don’t worry, if design and details are not for you, our dream team of professionals will help you create the perfect space for your forever home.

3d walk through

Mayfair 314
(New Display Home)

Windsor 288
(Old Display Home)

Byfleet 300
(Old Display Home)

Love the look of the home but looking for a different layout? Contact our to quickly identify which Vivid custom design is right for you.

Our brand new display home is now open at The Springs Estate, 61 Spring Way Nikenbah, Hervey Bay.

Previous Display Home in Hervey Bay (Windsor 288)

Previous Display Home in Hervey Bay (Byfleet 300)



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