About Us

Vivid Home Builders Founders Tony Port & Emma Hamilton

One of the reasons we started Vivid Home Builders was to give you, our clients, the quality and service you deserve. We all deserve to be treated in the same way, with honesty and respect. And that extends to the home you want to create.

When it comes to custom home building, there are very few custom home specialists around. Which means that clients have limited choices from their builder. As a team, we want to bring an integrity-driven experience to you so our values translate into every interaction we have together. This is what makes your experience positive and successful.

Custom home design is a dream of a lifetime for many people. Our clients want this experience and since everyone has unique tastes, the design of your home should be one you can fall in love with and live in for years to come. It should be your home. One that you’re proud of because you have custom selected everything in it.

It’s our mission to bring this dream alive for you.

As a team, we have an extensive background in the building industry. Tony has been building homes from a young age and has more than 30 year’s experience building hundreds of house projects. From custom homes to building designs, Tony has seen it all. Emma has run a high profile real estate business and been in sales for many years.

In our current setting, Emma manages the day-to-day running of the business as well as assisting clients and sales staff with the selection process. Tony is hands-on throughout the building process.

At Vivid Home Builders we feel very lucky to have an amazing staff that reflect our ideals. From our tradesmen, sales team, site supervisors and office administration, we employ only highly trained, motivated people that have a focus on customer service so we deliver a high quality home that you deserve.

We are also very community based. Wherever possible, we use local tradesmen and suppliers so money goes back into our local economy. We are independently owned and operated, ensuring that you receive personal service from our team at all times.

Additionally, one of our favourite things is to involve ourselves in community projects including those that lead us overseas, such as the Koripita Project in Fiji. There we assisted in the construction of building local homes for families in poverty stricken areas, we supported Destiny Rescue and Free A Girl, Orange Sky and One Tree Planted to name only a few. Closer to home, we proudly support many organisations such as local sporting groups, aged care and Rally for a Cause.

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We're here to strip the fear out of home buying and arm you with the confidence you need to make decisions and communicate with loan and real estate agents, home inspectors and more.

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Our first-of-its-kind search experience enables you to plug in a monthly payment you're willing to make (plus a down payment you can afford) and we'll serve up homes that meet your needs.

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No legal speak here! We're hoping our down-to-earth approach will cut through the noise and ease your stress. We're here to strip the fear out of home buying and arm you with the confidence.

Core Values

We're here to strip the fear out of home buying and arm you with the confidence you need to make decisions and communicate with loan and real estate agents, home inspectors and more.

A Message From Vivid’s Co-Founder Tony Port

“I’m on a mission to make people happy and to serve you. I’m really passionate about what we do and how we do it. It’s deeply important to me that our customers know what they are getting. Value for money is important and to know exactly what you are getting for your money, without being misled is critical.

After all, if I buy a car (not that this happens often) I want all the wheels on it! I would be extremely pissed off if it came with two wheels missing, and then I was told I had to pay extra. Because I feel this way I will not do this to our clients, it’s wrong and it’s false advertising. It’s the same if I go to a nice restaurant, I expect good service with quality food, something I can enjoy and tell other people about.

So often companies promise everything and only do half of what’s promised and that is exactly the opposite of our core values. We want to do it right 100% of the time and work tirelessly to ensure that clients are happy, satisfied, and feel compelled to tell their friends about the work we do.

I hope you can now see how passionate I am about the homes we build and why we do it.”

Live with passion!
Anthony (Tony) Port, Director

A Message From Vivid’s Co-Founder Emma Hamilton

“My favourite part of working with people to create their perfect home is the look on their faces when it all comes together at the end. How excited they are to show off what they have created and they can’t wait to immerse themselves in their new lifestyle.

I love working with our clients to create a plan and décor that reflects their personality and of course, functionality. It can be daunting for some people to create a home from scratch, while others come to us with a really clear idea of what they want. 

Either way, it is an exciting journey that I feel blessed to be part of and giving our clients all the support they need.

I think home design is in my DNA, I absolutely adore the creativity of the whole process from the first conversation to the handing over of the keys.”

Emma Hamilton