Our New Home Builder's Guide In 7 Easy Steps

Ready to build your brand new home? There are 7 steps in the Vivid Custom Home Building experience.
Step #1

Let’s get to know each other

What kind of home are you looking for? Do you have a home design already? Need a custom design made for you? Let’s explore the details and see what kind of custom project we’re looking at together.
Step #2

Now that we’re connected

Let’s settle on a time frame so your project has a plan to come to life. During this step we will answer your financial questions so the path forward makes sense. This basic/high-level concept plan allows us to finalise the details so we can close the deal and get to the fun part of designing your home.
Step #3

Time to get started

This is where your passion starts to come to life. You see it in all of the little details that make up your home. Here you have choices galore so create the custom home you always dreamed of. It’s also a time for paperwork, council approvals, and solidifying the assessment needed for the land and plans.
Step #4

Ground breaking

And we’re off. Communication is more important than ever. Look for us to be in touch on a regular basis so questions are minimised and progress is clear.
Step #5

More details

All those materials, fixtures, decisions are now coming to life. As we continue working, you should start to see your dream becoming a reality. One room at a time, we’re getting close to the finish line.
Step #6

Finish line

Use any sports metaphor you want, here we’re sticking the landing, crossing the finish line, and scoring the gold medal. Turning the keys over is a magical experience, but we’re not done yet.

Step #7

Staying with you as you settle in

Vivid doesn’t just hand the keys over and walk away, we’re here with you as your warranties settle in to answer any questions that remain. Together, we have built an amazing home for your family to enjoy for years to come. We want to make sure you’re always connected to your builder for whatever comes your way.

Sounds Good? Then Let's Start Step 1 And Get To Know One Another