As Custom Home Builders... This Is Our Promise To You

Building your new home is an honour and a privilege. As long time home builders, we value every client we work with and deeply honour the commitment you have of making your dream come true. Afterall, that’s what custom home builders do, they make dreams come true, so it is important we’re clear on our commitments and guarantees so you can sleep well at night.

This partnership only works because it is mutually respectful, transparent, and honest. We want you to know what to expect so it’s clear and there are no hidden surprises. So whether this is your very first home or you have built many homes in your lifetime, we offer the following guarantees to you.

We Deliver On Time With No Hidden Costs

We will build your home on time with no hidden costs. Our onboarding process is comprehensive so you know the costs ahead of time to the very best of our ability. In the hidden cost department, you should only expect additional fees for things outside of our control or changes you request to the work. When we work out the details, we not only want to be sure that the home you selected is perfect for you, but that you also have a clear understanding of what is included and the fees associated.

We Deliver A Superior Home You Will Be Proud Of

With our eye for detail we will not compromise on our promise to deliver superior quality to you. This includes finishing touches that you see, and quality material and foundational elements that you may not see. It is really important that our clients are happy. That means that the home we build for them is quality from the inside out. We want you to be proud to show off your new home and share that Vivid Home Builders was your partner in making this dream come true.

24/7 Transparent Communication From Your Home Building Team

As we work together to bring your new home to life, one aspect of it is clear communication. We achieve that by delivering to you an online portal with all of your work details. You can think of this as your new home’s website or dashboard. It will be specifically designed for you, with 24/7 online access to your home building project including timeline, “next steps” and photos to see in real time what’s happening at the jobsite.

Because communication is critical to our efficient working relationship, we will update this portal regularly so you can see the project come to life. We will also give you easy access to our design team so you can make important design decisions from the comfort of your living room. This additional safety precaution means that wherever you are in the world, you’re never removed from our team and your home building moves forward in an efficient, safe manner with minimal downtime or worries about deliverables.

Locally Owned And Operated - We Live Where We Build

We are locally owned and operated. To us, this means that we are committed to serving our local community in every way we can. We always use local materials and tradesmen wherever possible to ensure that the money you spend on your home also feeds back into our local economy. As residents, we also know this area. We know the best vendors and suppliers who have longevity serving our community and we know their commitment to quality work because they live and work here too. This ecosystem ensures that when you build your home with our team, that we care for you like friends and neighbours, not just clients.

We Are Involved In Every Step Of Your Project

Our team manages a tight net around your project to ensure that your new home is created, built, and delivered on time. We are accessible to you 24/7 on our online portal so you can check in and send questions or comments as needed. You will also get weekly updates so you see the flow of progress at a higher level. Daily updates are not always possible so we rely on the weekly ones to keep you in touch with our work. And of course, we are always just a phone call away if you need us.

Ongoing Support Even After You Receive Your Keys

Even after your home is completed and the keys turned over to you, we are still here for you! Every Vivid Home has a 12-month minor defect warranty for the first year of your home. We also come back and do a home health check at 12 months to ensure that all is well with your new home. If you want further assurances, we offer a 6.5 year structural warranty which is backed by the QBCC, please ask about this when we speak.

All of these guarantees were designed so that you can feel cared for and attended to even after you move in.

Vivid’s home guarantees speak to our deep commitment to our clients so help them build confidence in our team. We want to take the guesswork and concerns out of your new home. For us, the recipe is clear: happy clients = happy builders.

Sounds Good? Then Let's Start Step 1 And Get To Know One Another