Core Values

At Vivid Home Builders we share these values with our suppliers, team members, tradesmen and clients. Our core values allow us to discern who is a great fit to work inside this extraordinary organisation so we can best meet the needs of our clients and ourselves.

Our five core Vivid values act as our guiding light to make organizational decisions and include:

#1 We Are Family

A simple, yet effective ideology to live by and essential to our core values is the motto of “treating others how you would like to be treated”.

We embrace a culture of mutual respect and acknowledge the value of working both individually within a team, as well as collectively as one.

#2 Creativity And Choice

Creativity is our master. By offering a superior design set and thinking outside the box, we create our own niche in the market delivering our own specialised point of difference.

We refuse to sit still and stagnate. Our team-focused creativity is our life force and the essential ingredient to our individuality and never-ending innovative design.

#3 Exceptional Communication

In a rapidly evolving world, we surround ourselves with like-minded people who are dedicated solution-makers. Our team is steadfast in our commitment to ensure we keep the communication channels open at all times.

We pride ourselves in providing regular updates, and keeping our clients in the loop at all times. This, combined with our leading edge software, enables us to remain leaders of our industry.

#4 Growth And Performance

We embrace a working environment that encourages free thinking and a thirst for continued sustainable growth.

We believe innovation to be the key to our ever-evolving and expanding, successful business and we acknowledge and respect input from all members of our company.

#5 Gratitude And Contribution

We continually acknowledge and give homage to our immense feeling of gratitude for the many blessings and opportunities we have.

Our company has a strong focus on contribution to each other and ourselves as well as a focus on client happiness and charitable endeavours.

These are our core values. core values. They make up our collective vision as we work together to create and fulfill client, staff and community dreams.

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