Acerage Home Designs from Vivid Home Builders

Living on a larger acreage block gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the best home design for your lifestyle. Acreage homes designs are not restrained by boundary dimensions, building covenants, or design constraints. Wide frontages offer you the ideal position to catch the morning sun and cooling breezes. And large back lots allow you to add custom pools, sewage tanks, or storage. For all of these luxury requests, customising your design with Vivid is a perfect way to go.

Beautiful, Custom Homes Designed For Acreage Blocks

Acreage Homes In Byfleet

Acreage Homes In Winchester

Acreage Homes Custom Designs

Getting Started On Your Custom Home Design

Explore the 7 steps to working with Vivid’s home builders today. From dream to reality, we have you covered. Read how it “really” works to build your custom home today.