The key concepts of modern bathroom design

The key concepts of modern bathroom design

The key concepts of modern bathroom design

It’s likely one of the most well-used rooms in your home. It can be a place of relaxation or restoration, function or for ‘display’ purposes only. What is it? Of course, it’s your bathroom. For some a sanctuary, for others a site for precise military operation (hello parents of tiny people!), modern bathrooms require a great deal of design consideration. How you’ll use the space day-to-day, what fixtures and fittings to choose, and whether or not the design elements will stand the test of time will all come in to play. Here are three key elements that we discuss with our clients at the start of every project…

Designing your modern bathroom conversation #1: Function

We kick off with functionality. Who’s using it, how are they’re using it and when they’re using it will all come into question in the early stages the design process. A modern bathroom can be beautiful without losing any of its usefulness. We’d recommend putting thought into the long-term view of how you’re going to use your bathroom – is it a place of relaxation for weary muscles and brains? Is it a space for quickly giving the kids a wash before you tuck them in to bed? Is it a space you plan on spending a lot of time to make sure you look your best before you leave the house? No matter how you plan to use the space, having a clear idea plotted out can then dictate what you do next. You’ll need to choose:
  • Shower vs. bath vs. both
  • Style of vanities and additional cabinetry/storage
  • Ventilation and glazing
  • Heating/Cooling options
  • Layout for best use
To name just a few! Once you’ve had those initial conversations, you can move on!

Designing your modern bathroom conversation #2: Lighting

One of the most overlooked aspects of designing a modern bathroom is the lighting arrangements. Last time, we covered lighting design for the whole house. (Go back and take a look if you haven’t read it yet!)

 Your bathroom lighting has so many distinct functions to perform, so make sure you have all your bases covered. You’ll need strong, bright lighting for day-to-day usage, softer lighting for those rare times of relaxation, and for those applying make-up, either well-placed windows, or a backlit mirror for accurate colour application. You also want to make sure your lighting choices are energy efficient and building regulation compliant, so make sure you talk it all through with us as you go to ensure you’re making the best possible choices!


Designing your modern bathroom conversation #3: Modern with a classic twist?

Realistically, you want your bathroom to withstand the test of time, and remain a modern bathroom for as long as possible. With that in mind, some emerging design trends for 2023 will absolutely secure you the longevity you’re after.

COLOUR: While a white bathroom will always give a fresh feel, earthy, nature-inspired tones will be the real stars of bathrooms in 2023. Sandy beiges, warm ochres, and dusky browns will bring your space the contemporary serenity you’ve been hoping for.

BATHTUB: A unique bathtub in your ensuite or master bathroom will not only be a conversation starter, but a spectacular place to unwind and let go. While wet rooms are classic, beautiful and functional, we’re starting to see free standing bathtubs and shower baths having their own moment, as well.

TEXTURE: Mixing your finishes is such an eye-catching way to add detail to your modern bathroom. Any combination of wood, brass, copper, terrazzo tiles, concrete or marble in amongst your more traditional bathroom materials will add an elevated elegance that will stand the test of time.

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