Lighting Design: What you need to know

Lighting Design: What you need to know

Lighting Design: What you need to know

What do you think makes the top of the list of things you need to think about when planning your home? You maybe wouldn’t have thought it, but one of the most important elements of planning your home is your lighting design. What lighting you choose will have a major impact on how enjoyable or functional your space may be. From warmth to time of day, you’ll need to closely consider how you’re going to use each room to determine what you’ll need lighting-wise. What you choose will come under one of three categories – ambient, functional or accent. Some rooms in your home will need all three categories of lighting, some just the one. So how to choose? Let us take you through room by room…

Lighting Design: Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the cosy retreat of your home. Each will require the right kind of lighting so that you can relax when you need to, or complete tasks as required. For instance, kids’ rooms benefit from specific lighting for completing homework, but also from gentle lighting for an effortless descent into peaceful slumber. While every room will come with standard downlights or ceiling lights, you have the opportunity to create a soothing mood by adding ambient lighting – lamps, dimmable lights and artistic pieces. And what room would be complete without a bedside lamp for reading?! Vivid Hot Tip #1: Always opt for LED light bulbs and fittings. The benefits? No bulb changes, longer warranties and overall better light quality.

Lighting Design: Kitchen, living and dining spaces

When it comes to lighting design, the heart of your home deserves the highest level of attention. With so many functions being served by the one space – food prep, entertaining, cleaning, reading, and general communing – your lighting needs to be flexible enough to serve every purpose. Functional and ambient lighting will be the priorities for this room.

Vivid Hot Tip #2: Consider the ‘temperature’ of the lights you choose, and how they’ll interact with your paint choices. The lower the Kelvin rating, the warmer the ‘vibe’ of the lighting in the room.

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Lighting Design: Bathrooms

While the bathroom may be one of the more functional spaces in your home, there’s no reason why you can’t give this room’s lighting design the same level of attention. The bathroom is where many need both colour-accurate lighting for skincare and make-up application and more soothing lighting for evening relaxation for the whole household. Naturally, any electricals in a space that also has an abundance of flowing water should be discussed with experienced professionals before you get started.

Vivid Hot Tip #3: Any lighting you choose must comply with Australian standards. We can’t (and won’t) fit any non-approved lighting which may jeopardise your safety and insurance eligibility.

Whether this is the first time you’re coming across the idea of lighting design, or you’ve been populating a Pinterest board with ideas for years, we’d love to talk through your plans. Why not come in for an obligation-free chat? Simply schedule an appointment with our experienced team, or visit our stunning display home at:

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