Floor Plans: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Space

Floor Plans: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Space

Floor Plans: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Space

Dreaming up your forever home isn’t without its challenges. And while looking at floor plans endlessly might be some people’s idea of a good time, for others it can be incredibly confusing. What makes a ‘good’ floor plan? How do you know if the design will be right when it comes to actually living in the space? The good news is that here are Vivid Home Builders, our speciality is custom home design, and really understanding what is going to work for your lifestyle. And it all starts with great floor plans. If you need a few pointers on what to pay attention to for designing your dream home, keep reading…


The top priority of any hopeful new home owner is simple: take time to consider their floor plans relative to the block they’re building on. Orientation is the position of your home in relation to the path of the sun and the prevailing wind in your region. And while bringing your plans to life from your mind’s eye can be difficult, noticing important, practical details about your specific block will have a huge impact on the enjoyment of your new home. 
  • Where will the living areas and bedrooms be situated to ensure comfort, optimum outdoor enjoyment and satisfying sleep?
  • What layout will offer the most energy efficient solutions?
  • What should you do to ensure the balance between views and privacy is met?
If the practicalities of incoming daylight and airflow as they change throughout the year sounds like a big topic, you’re absolutely right. We’d always recommend taking on professional advice before committing to any design.

The front of the house

One of the lesser talked about elements of floor plans for custom homes is exactly what to put at the front of the house. Lively debate about offices vs. media rooms vs. bedrooms (for instance) can often lead to a stalemate of sorts, and that’s where an experienced, impartial voice can help to break the deadlock. While there are good arguments for any particular room making it to the front of the house, you might want to consider factors like privacy for bedrooms, distraction-free spaces for home offices and correct lighting conditions for media rooms. Ultimately, the right answer will be unique to the way each household plans on using the space, so take some time to consider the specifics of what is most practical to you.

Proximity of adults, kids and visitors

How you place your bedrooms and living spaces on your floor plans essentially comes down to personal taste. Many homeowners opt for a master suite separate from children and potential visitors – their own oasis to escape to. For younger families, keeping your bedrooms closer together may be a more practical solution for those late-night huddles… Those with older kids may wish to create a separate space for socialising and media consumption, where media rooms may not be necessary at all for others. Ultimately, no matter what you choose, you’ll be able find a balance between privacy and practicality that’s both functional and beautiful with one of our signature custom home designs.

And if you’re still not quite sure what to do with your floor plans, we’re always here to help. We offer high-quality service for home building across the Fraser Coast and Gympie. If you’d like to discuss your custom home design ideas with our team of experts, schedule an appointment, or visit our newest display home at 61 Spring Way, Nikenbah, Hervey Bay QLD, 4655.