Meet Our New In-House Draftsman!

Meet Our New In-House Draftsman!

Meet Our New In-House Draftsman!

One of the biggest reasons our clients decide to trust us to build their dream is our ability and desire to create beautiful, functional, customised homes. A huge factor in bringing that dream home into reality is having access to a skilled draftsman who can find the sweet spot between the practical and the fanciful. We’re so proud and delighted to introduce you to our newest team member, who’s going to make the ideation and execution of your next project oh-so easy. 

If you haven’t yet, haaaave you met Chez?

Introducing our new in-house draftsman, Chez Taylor

Chez comes to the Vivid Home Builders team as a passionate, highly experienced draftsman with a flair for bringing your vision to life. Chez and his family relocated to coastal Queensland from Melbourne in search of a slower pace of life that would enrich their time together as a family. With the sun shining overhead, and a signature beaming smile on his face, we caught up with Chez to share a bit of his approach to all things life and home building…


As an experienced draftsman, you’d have your pick of the residential builders to work with. What drew you to Vivid Home Builders in particular?

In my personal time, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to be mindful and relaxed and I find Tony and Emma have that same approach. That’s kind of refreshing for me, because it’s stuff that I read, and quite often there’s no one else that I get a chance to talk to about it in a professional setting. I don’t know, I like that we get each other.


What projects have you been working on so far?

The homes I’m working on currently in Hervey Bay, they’re bigger homes. Bigger blocks than I’ve worked on in the recent past. A lot of the stuff I’ve been doing here, some of these blocks are 800 square meters up to 6000 square meters and on the Sunshine Coast, it was more confined. I’ve worked on a block that was 120 square meters, which doesn’t exactly give you a lot of room for creativity. Instead of me cramming everything in and making the hallways so tiny or whatever, now I can just blow things out a little bit. It’s definitely a draftsman’s dream to have more room to work with.


As a draftsman, it must be tricky sometimes to give your clients exactly what you want. What do you do to make expectations match reality?

Have you heard of skyhooks? When someone gives you a plan, you know, engineering wise we cannot build we just say we’ll just hang it on skyhooks! And of course that’s just a bit of fun, but in all seriousness, as a draftsman, I spend a lot of my day working out ways to make things possible. I’m still making it look like what they had envisioned, but with all my training, and lots of calculations happening in the back of my head all the time. So I’ll be doing another job but I’ll just be thinking about another one in the background. You know, I’m going to put it all together. It’s a bit like that game Tetris. For example, I have the measurements for each room. And as I’m doing stuff, in the back of my head. I’m just playing Tetris with the plans we have active. It’s like an obsession  – you can’t stop it once you get into it, and it’s a lot of fun to work it all out. And then the final step is to put it on paper and work out how to make it work there, too.

While there’s so much more to know about Chez, this should give you a bit of a taster. We’re delighted to welcome him to the family and add his expertise as a draftsman to our high-quality service for home building across the Fraser Coast and Gympie. If you’d like to discuss your custom home design ideas with our team of experts, and get Chez involved in making your dream home a reality,  schedule an appointment, or visit our newest display home at 61 Spring Way, Nikenbah, Hervey Bay QLD, 4655.