House facade options for your next project

House facade options for your next project

House facade options for your next project

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but there’s a good chance you can judge a house by its facade. While we have the benefit of building a huge array of styles when it comes to our homes, choosing the right house facade can be a challenge. Whether you opt for something cutting edge and oh-so modern, or timelessly classic, something that stands out, or blends in, your home’s exterior will likely say a whole lot about you, as well. Here at Vivid Home Builders, we’ve had the great honour of building just about every style of home you can imagine, so we have a whole lot of insight when it comes to choosing the right styles and materials for your next project. (They don’t call us ‘custom home building specialists’ for nothing, after all!) Here’s a run-down of the most popular styles and finishes we tend to work with across the Fraser Coast and Gympie…

House Facade Options: Primary materials

One of the main considerations you’ll have to talk through is the overall style of the home you’d like to build. Realistically, what you clad your home in will have a huge impact on the overall look of your house facade. Perhaps you’ve been pining after a coastal style, timber-clad house, or an ultra-modern rendered finish. Maybe you like the idea of complementary textures (a little brick with a little render, perhaps?). Whatever you choose, this is definitely one of the bigger decisions you’ll make when bringing your overall house design together.

Our most regularly requested materials:

  • Render
  • Weatherboard
  • Brick
  • Metal

** PRO TIP** 

When choosing your house facade finishes, make sure you consider what’s going to work best for your environment. Keep in mind durability, maintenance, availability, health and safety and sustainability as you make your way through the decision-making process.

House Facade Options: Rooflines

One of our true pleasures of custom home building is the variety of tastes we encounter along the way. The rooflines of our clients’ homes are no exception. While the majority of our projects will be completed with pre-painted steel in the colour of your choosing, the shape these rooflines take can really influence the overall look of the house facade.

A skillion is a single-sloped roof structure with a certain amount of pitch (usually between 10° and 15°). A skillion roofline offers a clean, minimalist, and modern design whilst remaining practical.


A hip roof has three or more pitched planes (depending on the house structure). Hip rooflines are the most popular choice in Australia thanks to their durability and clean and modern design lines.

Low Pitched Skillion/Flat

A flat roof can also be considered a skillion. The primary difference is the pitch angle. It is a single span with a low pitch to allow water to run off. It is often hidden behind a parapet wall or façade, giving it clean square lines visible from the street.

House Facade Options: Features

While we’re talking house facades, we can’t let you go without discussing the features. From shutters, to feature walls, to windows and exterior doors, it’s really these features that bring the overall look of your home together. the finishing touches, if you will. Just keep in mind that simplicity is key when you finalise your design. More than three competing colours or textures will start to have a chaotic effect, which isn’t often the desired outcome.


Don’t forget – when you’re considering house facades, the exterior and interior designs should complement each other, so keep the whole project in mind when you’re making your final choices…

Need some help choosing the perfect house facade for your next home? Why not come in for a chat? We offer high-quality service for home building across the Fraser Coast and Gympie. If you’d like to discuss your custom home design ideas with our team of experts, schedule an appointment, or visit our newest display home at 61 Spring Way, Nikenbah, Hervey Bay QLD, 4655.