Where do I start with house design?

Where do I start with house design?

Where do I start with house design?

Even if it isn’t your first home building project, the process of house design can be complicated without the proper guidance. Here at Vivid Home Builders, we meet with enthusiastic home builders from Gympie and the Sunshine Coast all the way up to Hervey Bay every day. And the most common questions we field around getting a project started? Usually, it’s around marrying up the grand plan in our clients’ heads with the reality of what’s possible for their budget, what’s practical and what’s most appropriate for their land. With a whopping 80% of house plan designs never being built, we want to make sure your dream home isn’t part of that statistic. Here’s how we do it…

The Block has a lot to answer for…

Sorry to say it – we love The Block and its like as much as anyone – but reality home renovation shows have done a number on the expectations of home builders. From unrealistic build time frames, to ‘massaged’ budgets for dramatic effect, consumers exploring the house design process are, understandably, misinformed. Expecting ‘TV magic’ can lead to a disappointing, draining experience, which is actually the last thing we would want for you. It’s absolutely fine to be optimistic about what can be achieved – in fact, we encourage it. Our job is to keep your expectations in line with reality to make sure you end up with your dream home… without the headaches.

Video: Why Do 80% Of Plan Designs Never Get Built?

So, what comes first in house design?

No matter whether you’re building in Hervey Bay, Gympie or the Sunshine Coast, step one is always the same: Talk to your builder. Even if you’ve built before, your builder will have specific insights and consider your project goals with an experienced, professional eye. Sharing your ideas with your builder is a highly productive way to weed out challenges and ensure your house design efforts are a raving success. We builders are often out-of-the-box thinkers, and pride ourselves on surprising and delighting our clients with our innovative solutions.

Considerations of house design

Beyond number of rooms and overall aesthetics, there is a huge list of considerations to factor in to your house design. When choosing your land, and dreaming up what should go on it, make sure you factor in:
  • Aspect
  • Slope
  • Flood potential
  • Bushfire potential
  • Presence of trees
  • Wind
  • Soil classification
Each of these areas may have an impact on your budget and the design of your home. Our experienced team will be able to discuss your specific needs and considerations, so feel free to schedule an appointment at our gorgeous display home for a chat.

House design: What to build?

Once you’ve discussed your overall ideas for your home, it’s time to choose one of three options for your building project: our design, your design or a collaboration between us. OUR DESIGN: You may not know this about us, but we spend a whole lot of time dreaming up house plans. House design is our passion, and we have more than 60 incredible plans to suit your budget, family size and lifestyle that are considered, flexible and highly practical. Choosing a Vivid Home Builders original plan is an easy, fast approach to starting your home building project. Each plan is completely customisable, so no matter how you plan on using your home, we can adjust it to suit. YOUR DESIGN: We regularly meet clients who have moved to the area from interstate who adored their previous home, and wished they could bring it with them. We have the next best option – rebuilding based on their original plans (with any modifications they have considered over the years). Alternatively, some clients have simply opted for a draftsman or architect to develop their plans, and bring them directly to us make their concepts a reality. It needs to be mentioned here: if you’re considering bringing plans to us, we’re more than happy to build them, so long as they’re yours to build. We can take inspiration from other house plans, but unfortunately, we can’t duplicate them. A COLLABORATION: We love a good collab. As a custom home builder, we thrive on putting our heads together with yours to come up with the dream house design. We can start with one of our designs and make it your own, or together we can start from scratch to develop the ideas that you’ve been brewing up for as long as you can remember. Every element of the house design process is customisable from the layout to the tapware. We’ll encourage you to dream big, while acting as a tethering sounding board. We’ll talk through your big ideas and give you sound advice on what’s achievable, practical and realistic.

It comes down to communication

As with most good things in life, nailing your house design starts with good communication. Here at Vivid Home Builders, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a smooth, stress-free building experience. As a family owned and operated business, we are extremely hands-on and pride ourselves on our open channels of communication throughout each project. Not only will you have personalised, thoughtful contact with everyone in the company as a Vivid Home builder client, you will also be able to create the home of your dreams on your own terms. Whether that’s in terms of customisation, your personal working style, or the existing demands on your time that have meant building has never been an option before… we have you covered. We provide you with the insights and tools to develop your home from concept to reality at the click of a button. From the comfort of your own home – or wherever you do your best thinking – you can access our cutting-edge construction project management software whenever inspiration strikes.

Our flexible, convenience-based approach to your home building project comes from our understanding of life’s realities. As family-focused people, we know you have more than one demand on your time and attention. For this reason, we have made the home design process as user-friendly as possible. Whether you choose a bespoke design, bring your own or opt for a pre-designed plan, one thing is clear: we’re going to have a lot of fun bringing your vision to life.

If you’d like to discuss your house design ideas with our team of experts, schedule an appointment, or visit our newest display home at 61 Spring Way, Nikenbah, Hervey Bay QLD, 4655.