To build or to buy? Why building a new house makes sense

To build or to buy? Why building a new house makes sense

To build or to buy? Why building a new house makes sense

If you’ve made it to reading this particular blog of ours, chances are you’ve had the debate of building or buying your next home running in your household for quite some time. And while there are compelling reasons to consider buying, there are even more that make building a new house an even better proposition. And sure, it might seem like we’re a bit biased, but here’s the thing: we’ve been in the property game a long time, and we’ve seen it all. You may get in to an existing house sooner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the best choice for you and your household. Keep reading for our pros and cons of building vs. buying…


PRO: When building a new house, you have complete control over the quality. You’re not going to have any nasty surprises, and everything you see (and even the things you don’t) will be covered by a warranty. Quite often, even after building and pest inspections, existing homes can come with a potentially expensive surprise or two. And of course, the older the building, the higher the chance of something being amiss.

PRO: You also have complete control over how your house looks and feels, how it’s laid out and what size it will end up as. There is nothing more exciting than the planning and design phase of building a new house. You get to choose everything from how many rooms you want, to what style of tapware to install. Getting a pre-existing home looking and feeling exactly the way you want can be an expensive, and sometimes nearly impossible task. Once the layout is set, there is only so much you can do to change it (we’re looking at you, load-bearing walls). The best bit of what we do in the planning stages is take the time to sit with you and imagine the ways you plan on using your new space. That way you know your home will flow, and living in it will be exactly as you imagined.

PRO: A freshly-built home will be up to all the current council approvals and building regulations. You’ve likely heard more than once about people who’ve purchased their dream home, and quickly descended into nightmares when they discover the previous owners got a little ‘creative’ with the DIY, or that the house itself simply isn’t ‘up to code’ anymore. When you’re building a new house with us, you know it’ll be compliant with the latest rules and regs, and will be built to last.


PRO: Building a new house in an estate means your new home will hold its value for longer. The best part of estate living (aside from all the friendly neighbours) is that there’s generally a certain aesthetic and quality standard that’s been set. When the time comes to sell your home, you’ll have the benefit of savvy buyers who know to expect that high standard, willing to invest with confidence.

So… you caught us. We didn’t add any cons to the list. That’s because as far as we’re concerned, building a new house makes for a better choice on every front. We’re currently on schedule to deliver each of our projects in an average of 6 months. And realistically, with the market the way it is here on the Fraser Coast and in Gympie, chances are you’ll be moving in to your new build while others are still looking for that dream home to buy.

If you’d like to discuss building a new house with our team of experts, schedule an appointment, or visit our newest display home at 61 Spring Way, Nikenbah, Hervey Bay QLD, 4655.