About Us

One of the reasons Emma and Tony started Vivid Home Builders was to give, you, our clients the quality and service you deserve, we all deserve to be treated in the same way, with honesty and respect there are very few custom home building specialists around. We see that people want their own design, a design you love, a home you can enjoy that’s your design and everything about your home is what you have personally chosen.

Tony and Emma have an extensive background in the building industry. Tony has been building from a young age with over 30 years’ experience from building 100’s of project houses, to building custom home building designs, whilst Emma has run a high profile real estate and been in sales for many years. Emma manages the day to day running of the Company, as well as assisting clients and sales staff with the selection process.

At Vivid Home Builders we feel very lucky to have amazing staff that reflect our ideals.  From our tradesmen, sales team, site supervising and office administration, we employ only highly trained, motivated people that have a focus on customer service and that deliver you a high quality home that you deserve.

We are very community based, making sure where possible, we always use local tradesmen and suppliers so money goes back into our local economy.  We are independently owned and operated, ensuring a personal service at all times.

One of our favourite things is to involve ourselves in community projects as well as overseas ventures, such as the Koripita Project in Fiji, where we assisted in the construction of building local homes for families in poverty stricken areas.  We proudly support many organisations such as local sporting groups, aged care and Rally for a Cause.

A Message from Company Director Tony Port

“I’m on a mission to make people happy & to serve you.  I’m really passionate about what we do and how we do it, it’s important to me that our customers know what they are getting, value for money is important, to know exactly what you are getting for your money, without being misled, after all if I buy a car (not that this happens often) I want all the wheels on it, I would be extremely pissed off if it came with two wheels missing, and then I was told I had to pay extra.  Because I feel this way I will not do this to our clients, it’s wrong and it’s false advertising. It’s the same if I go to a nice restaurant, I expect good service with quality food, something I can enjoy and tell other people about. So often companies promise everything and only do half or mislead us. 

"I hope you can now see how passionate I am about what we do and why we do it.”

Live with passion

Anthony (Tony) Port


Building Houses in Fiji for a local charity organisation